Collection: Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolour Tubes (8ml)

Cotman watercolours from Winsor & Newton

Cotman watercolour paints are good quality paints at an affordable price. Winsor & Newton uses the same fine art pigments as those used in their Professional Watercolours. However, by reducing the pigment load and changing some of the more expensive pigments for more economical alternatives, Cotman watercolours are a more affordable option for beginner watercolour artists. 

Cotman paints have excellent transparency and lightfastness combined with a good tinting strength making them a perfect choice for those new to watercolour painting. 

In Perspective has the full range of 40 colours in 8ml and 21ml Cotman watercolour tubes.

Cotman Watercolour Highlights

  • Cotman watercolour paint is great for new users
  • High quality pigments
  • Great for covering larger areas
  • 8ml tubes