Collection: Acrylic Paint Sets

Sets of Acrylic Paints

Do you want to begin painting with acrylics? 

The best way to start is with a set of good quality acrylic paints. Buying a set means you can get started with a good range of basic acrylic colours.

Acrylic paint sets can come with different sizes of paint tubes, in different quantities and different colour ranges. 

Galeria paint sets from Winsor & Newton are a great introduction to acrylic painting. They include a good range of acrylic paint colours which are great quality for beginner artists. 

Liquitex heavy body acrylic paint sets are an excellent option for beginner artists or those wanting to try out the extra thick consistency of this heavy body acrylic.

Add more colours to use alongside  your acrylic paint set with individual Galeria or Liquitex paint tubes.