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Bob Ross – quality paints and original paint tools

 “We don’t make mistakes, just happy little accidents” Bob Ross

Bob Ross has become known around the world for his unique approach, not only in his wet-on-wet painting technique, but in the way he teaches even complete beginners to create an amazing piece of art.

With his iconic hairstyle, gentle manner, and therapeutic voice as he talks you through his painting method, Bob Ross is instantly recognisable by many, despite sadly having passed away in 1995. His infamous quotes have now become the theme of mugs, t-shirts and fridge magnets.

Through his Joy of Painting television programmes, which are still shown on TV today, Bob Ross has inspired thousands of would-be artists to pick up a paintbrush and create a painting that they never thought possible. As you watch Bob paint, it’s easy to become mesmerised as the picture evolves and comes to life with just some liquid white, a few basic oil colours and specially designed paintbrushes and a painting knife.  

The simple wet-on-wet painting technique that Bob Ross uses is designed so that anyone can achieve instant success. The wet-on-wet technique is a method of applying wet paint on top of wet paint, rather than the traditional method of waiting for each layer to dry. All of the Bob Ross oil paints, brushes, gessos and thinners have been specially formulated and designed for this technique, so when you use these products you can be sure of creating a painting to be proud of.  

 The range of Bob Ross art products includes oil colours, liquid white, gesso, paintbrushes and painting knives. These are available individually and there are also sets available which are great as a starter set and also make great gifts.

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