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Bob Ross

Bob Ross Landscape Oil Colour 37ml - Prussian Blue

Bob Ross Landscape Oil Colour 37ml - Prussian Blue

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Prussian Blue - Bob Ross Landscape Oil Paint

Prussian blue is ideal for use in skies, particularly in winter scenes. This oil paint has a firm, buttery consistency and has an intense colour due to its high pigmentation. It can be used alone or mixed with other colours from the range to create a wide variety of shades and colours. 

Bob Ross developed this range of 14 landscape oil colours to use with his wet-on-wet technique of oil painting. These paints, along with his unique style, are perfect for beginners to create stunning landscape paintings. 

Landscape Oil Colour Highlights

  • Bob Ross landscape oil colours are the best to use with his wet-on-wet painting technique
  • Rich pigments for intense colours
  • Smooth, buttery consistency
  • Good permanence
  • 37ml tubes

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