Collection: Winsor & Newton Galeria Acrylic Paint Tubes (60ml)

Galeria Acrylic Paint from Winsor & Newton

Galeria acrylics are excellent, high quality paints with outstanding colour and brilliance that dries to a smooth satin finish. 

Winsor & Newton use the same, or similar, pigments in their Galeria acrylics as in their Professional Acrylic range, just in a lower concentration. This makes Galeria acrylic paints very versatile as they can be used alongside the professional acrylics for more colour options.

Galeria acrylics are a more economical option for students or beginner artists and are also a good choice when working on big paintings where you need to cover large areas. 

At In Perspective you have 60 colours of 60ml Galeria acrylics to choose from. 

Galeria Acrylic Paint Highlights

  • Galeria acrylic paint is perfect for students and beginners
  • High quality pigments, great for colour mixing
  • Economical option when covering large areas
  • 60ml tubes