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Bob Ross

Bob Ross Landscape Flat Brush 1"

Bob Ross Landscape Flat Brush 1"

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Bob Ross Landscape Brush - 1"

The Bob Ross landscape brush is commonly used in his wet-on-wet technique for applying liquid white, black or clear to paint clouds, skies, water, mountains, trees and bushes. This 1-inch flat brush is made from a blend of natural and synthetic bristles and shaped to precise specifications to create the effects as seen in the Bob Ross style of painting. 

All Bob Ross brushes are handmade from the finest quality natural hairs and synthetic filaments. They are designed for top performance when used with the wet-on-wet technique and are ideal for both new and experienced painters to achieve optimum results.

Landscape Paintbrush Product Highlights

  • 1" wide flat paintbrush
  • Mix of natural and synthetic hair
  • Precise design for use with Bob Ross wet-on-wet technique
  • Ideal for applying background colour to large areas

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