Collection: Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints for artists

What are acrylic paints?

Acrylic paints are extremely versatile, fast drying, water-based paints that can be used for all kinds of art and craft projects.

Different types of artist acrylic paint

Easy to use and quick to dry, acrylic paints are an excellent paint medium for artists of all ages and stages.

Galeria Acrylic from Winsor & Newton has good colour and consistency and is an affordable option if you're new to acrylic painting. It comes in a wide range of mixable colours. Choose from Galeria 60ml tubes or Galeria 120ml tubes. 

For a truly professional acrylic paint, Liquitex Heavy Body acrylics have an amazing thick, buttery consistency. These are idea for adding texture and using impasto techniques.