Collection: Artist Paint Sets

All kinds of paints can be bought as part of a set. We have a wide range including acrylic paint sets, watercolour paint sets and oil paint sets. We also stock Bob Ross paint sets which include everything you need to follow along with the Bob Ross painting style. 

The ideal starter for beginner artists

If you're new to painting and not sure what colours to go with, then a paint set is the ideal choice. Artist paint brands create these sets knowing which basic colours are best for getting started. The choice of paint colours in these sets are perfect for mixing to create a range of shades and tones to create your first pieces of artwork. Some sets also come with a brush and are designed for taking out and about. 

Boost your paint collection 

For artists who already have a selection of paints, buying paints in a set is an economical way to add to your collection. Larger sets come with a wide range of some of the most popular colours.