Collection: Watercolour Paints

Watercolour paints for beginner and advanced artists

What are watercolour paints?

Watercolour paints consist of pigments suspended in a water-based solution. Watercolour painting is one of the oldest forms of creating art. Watercolour paint is a thin, transparent medium, creating quite different effects from the thicker, more opaque acrylic and oil paint.

What are the different types of watercolour paint?

Watercolour paints are available in tubes and pans. Pans are compact, easy to store and ideal as portable watercolour paint sets. Tubes contain more paint, so tend to last longer and have more coverage.

You can get basic watercolour sets such as the red watercolour paint tin or the Koh-i-noor watercolour disc set. These are good, vibrant colours and are ideal for beginners and children just starting out on their artistic journey. If you’re ready for the next step, then the Cotman watercolours from Winsor & Newton are good quality paints with higher pigment levels and better permanency. For the ultimate in watercolours, the Professional Watercolour range offers the best pigment quality, lightfastness and permanency.