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Bob Ross

Bob Ross Landscape Oil Colour 37ml - Van Dyke Brown

Bob Ross Landscape Oil Colour 37ml - Van Dyke Brown

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Van Dyke Brown - Bob Ross Landscape Oil Paint

Ideal for dark base coats and underpainting trees, van dyke brown is one of two Bob Ross brown colours which are part of the range of 14 landscape oil paints. These oil colours have a firm, smooth, buttery consistency with rich pigmentation for intense colour, from which you can achieve a wide range of natural colours and shades. 

Bob Ross developed this range of landscape oil paints to use with his wet-on-wet technique of painting. These paints, along with his unique style, are perfect for beginners to create stunning landscape paintings.

Landscape Oil Colour Highlights

  • Bob Ross landscape oil colours are the best to use with his wet-on-wet painting technique
  • Rich pigments for intense colours
  • Smooth, buttery consistency
  • Good permanence
  • 37ml tubes

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