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Winsor & Newton

Winsor & Newton Oil Pastels - 15 colours

Winsor & Newton Oil Pastels - 15 colours

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Winsor & Newton Oil Pastel Set of 15 Colours

A fantastic set of vibrant oil pastels from Winsor & Newton, the experts in art materials.

These oil pastels have a rich consistency and highly pigmented colours, made to the highest standard with top quality fine art pigments. The soft, creamy consistency of these oil pastels makes them easy to work with, blending easily and they can be combined with other media. 

Each Winsor & Newton oil pastel stick is individually wrapped, helping keep your fingers and your oil pastel clean.  Each stick is labelled clearly with the colour name making them easy to organise. This set of 15 colours comes in a sturdy metal tin which protects your pastels both during storage and transport.

Highlights of Winsor & Newton Oil Pastels

Concentrated pigments - the intense colours of these oil pastels can be used alone or blended to create new shades and tones.

Soft consistency - these pastels have a soft, creamy consistency making them easy to apply and blend when used on pastel paper or canvas.

Advanced light fastness - the artist grade pigments used in these oil pastels have outstanding light resistance, so artwork stays vibrant for longer. 

What's in the box

  • 15 full-length oil pastels 
  • Colours: White, Lemon, Intense Yellow, Vibrant Orange, Rose, Magenta, Violet, Ultramarine, Medium Blue, Turquoise, Medium Green, Olive, Dark Brown, Ochre, Black
  • 1 metal storage tin / carry case

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